Brick & Stone Repairs

Are you looking for brick and stone repair services?

Brooklands have cleaned and restored masonry throughout the UK from listed domestic properties to large commercial building facades

Masonry restoration

Below is a list of the masonry restoration services we provide:

  • Stonework reconstitution
  • Stitching and crack repairs to brick and stonework
  • Instillation of helifix systems
  • Raking and repointing of mortar in both cement and lime
  • Replacement of defective brickwork
  • Removal of paint to brick and stone
  • Restoration cleaning of carbon and algae soiled brick and stone
  • Removal of plantation
  • Structural repairs

Our restoration masons can prolong the life of buildings making old worn and defective building facades structurally sound once again, we can carve new or source carefully matched reclaimed materials to be used on buildings.

We have the skills to restore the existing and original appearance of a building by utilizing various techniques to bring old tired looking building facades back to life, this can be achieved by carrying out test samples and by comparing various styles, color matches and textures to recreate original finishes to the masonry.

All heritage buildings should be rebuilt and pointed with lime mortar as lime mortar allows the building to breathe and is less brittle than Portland cement-based mortar. When slight movement occurs in buildings lime mortar is more forgiving where cement tends to crack much easier.


If older lime mortar constructed buildings are altered or repaired using cement-based mortar damp issues are more likely to occur as moisture gets trapped within the walls, another reason not to use cement based mortar on heritage buildings is that it is much more difficult to achieve a true color match with the existing – this is also not allowed on listed buildings.

Why you should restore old and defective masonry to buildings:

  1. Preserve the past
  2. Protect the investment
  3. Preparing for the future

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