Restorative Cleaning

Are you looking for building fabric restoration services?

We can deliver simple cost affective solutions to restore metal finishes without the need to repaint, helping to save you thousands of pounds and prolonging the life of the building material.

Cladding Restoration

We restore cladding to the highest of standards increasing the life span of your building facades whether it being a commercial premises or modern designed office blocks and carparks our simple yet effective restorative techniques will vastly improve the curb appeal of your premises.


Being a market leading cleaning and restoration company Brooklands also offer cladding cleaning services and can provide our customers with the full package whether your building requires cleaning from a build up of atmospheric pollutants, algae, lichen and other contaminants or simply restoring and protecting back to its previously appealing condition.


With the option of applying high quality coatings for after cleaning treatment once your cladding has been restored this helps to highly repel water and uv exposure that over periods of time age and breakdown the buildings fabric, the techniques we apply will aid the cladding to stay in prime condition for years to come.

We can arrange with the client scheduled visits to survey the condition of the building skin and offer suitable solutions to maintain a clean image such as a light wash down.


Timber cladding can also be restored this includes cedar wood restoring from grey discolouration completely transforming back to its natural colour and protecting with a suitable coating after the restoration process has been carried out.


You may not know the difference of cleaning or restoring cladding If you require professional advise or a free consultation we can arrange a site visit and conduct a test sample square to show you the fantastic results we can achieve using our clean, restore and protect systems.

Reasons to choose Brooklands for your cladding restoration project:

  • We an achieve fantastic results restoring your cladding to like new condition removing chalkiness using proven techniques that deliver great success
  • We can restore all cladding back to original colours
  • We can save you thousands on costly dilapidation orders
  • Our team are friendly, reliable and professional producing high standards of work
  • We are fully insured
  • Health and safety accredited safe contractor and CHAS approved

If your cladding has faded or discoloured then leave it to the professionals! Some types of cladding we can restore are:

  • Plastic
  • Plastisol
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Cedar

Cladding restoration by Brooklands – We can deliver simple cost affective solutions resorting all building types from commercial to residential and industrial premises. If left neglected for a long period of time different types of cladding can be prone to discolouration, cracking, rotting, bubbling and even failure and as a result of this the only options would be costly replacement.

For all your building cleaning and restoration needs contact Brooklands on: 0800 292 23 25 

Window Frame Restoration

Powder coated window frames have a tendency to discolour and fade to a chalky appearance, the main reason for this is after prolonged exposure to uv light and atmospheric conditions.

Another reason is by window cleaning methods using detergents which after time break down the protective coating on your window and door frames. Reach and wash purified water systems can also aid in the fading process of powder coat windows.

If left un refurbished and neglected powder coated window frames deteriorate in this order:

  1. They begin to turn chalky and fade
  2. Paint begins to crack and bubble
  3. Contaminants, dirt and rainwater are allowed to penetrate beneath the surface of the powder coated finish resulting in failure and costly repainting

To avoid costly repainting it is important you keep on top of the maintenance of your frames and ensure that in the event of chalking that they under go cleaning and restoration sooner rather than later. Some of our clients are choosing to restore there premises due to costly dilapidation orders from landlords or managing agents upon vacating their rented building.

Brooklands Cleaning and Restoration can gladly assist you bringing your property back to life once again using our 3 step clean-restore-protect method. If your whole building is having the same decomposition affects as your window frames we can also restore cladding facades using the same clean restore and protect methods to bring a new lease of life to your building.

Our teams:

  • Are current holders of valid CSCS cards for site work
  • Holders of powered Access Licenses(PAL)cards under IPAF(International Powered Access
    federation) for the safe use of MEWPS
  • Take pride in producing quality examples of work at the highest of standards
  • Are friendly, reliable and professional

Once the cleaning and restoring process has been undertaken we always treat your frames with a high quality hydrophobic coating preserving the new restored glossy finish of your frames highly repelling water and uv light. We offer scheduled top up services re applying hydrophobic coatings to minimalist the chance of oxidisation this helps to maintain window frames in prime condition for longer periods of time and to upkeep the high glossy finish we can achieve.

If you wish to increase the curb appeal and value of your building then contact Brooklands Cleaning and Restoration today. We can arrange a free site visit and would be able to conduct a trial clean demonstrating how affective our restoration methods are this will give you an insight to what your windows and doors will look once cleaned and restored.

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