Paint Removal

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Paint Removal


Over the years your building may have been subject to painting for a change of appearance, this may not suit your desires and maybe you wish to remove it either to re-paint or restore the inner beauty of the stone, brick or concrete walls.


Sometimes buildings are painted with non-breathable paints which traps moisture in walls leading to damp issues, this occurs espescialy on lime mortar buildings where the walls are designed to breathe.


Our expert team can gladly assist you on the restoration of your painted surface by delicately removing the paint.

After the paint is removed

  1. If required we can also re paint using correct paints of textures and colours of your choice.
  2. We can repoint brick and stonework in both cement and lime based mortars
  3. Stonework and bricks can be replaced and reconstituted to restore the building facade

Methods used to remove paint from all types of surfaces


Pressurised steam cleaning technology is used to soften and lightly lift the paint whilst causing minimal damage to the underlying surface, this method can be used in conjunction with controlled use of chemicals such as paint softeners on stubborn areas and where necessary.


Blast cleaning can be used depending on the thickness of paint and type of substrate beneath it will determine what blast media should be used and how much pressure should be used to lift the paint from the surface


When selecting a method for paint removal it is always best to begin trialing with the most gentle techniques to ensure that the underlying surface is not deformed or damaged in the removal process.


If required we can provide a test sample to demonstrate how affective our paint removal services are, for further information or to book a free consultation please contact Brooklands on 0800 292 23 25.

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Who we work with.

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