Paving Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional paving and street cleaning service?

We can transform the appearance of outdoor paving lifting dirt, algae, chewing gum, spillages and stains from town centres, residential homes and commercial properties across the UK.

Paving Cleaning


Having your paving cleaned will transform the look of the surface, we guarantee it!


Dirty unmaintained paving and pavements can often deliver a negative image of cities, work places, your homes public places.

No matter what type of building material paving is made from we clean all types including:

  • Indian stone, natural British sand stone, limestone, york stone and all other types of stone
  • Clay brick and block paving
  • Concrete flags
  • Tarmac cleaning and restoring
  • Granite and more

We can aesthetically transform the overall appearance of public areas into more pleasant places for people to visit, we clean quickly and efficiently and are also available outside of business hours for the convenience of our clients.


Paving cleaning includes street cleaning to local authorities removing dirt and chewing gum which totally transforms the areas. We also provide paving and walkway cleaning to commercial permises such as offices, residential blocks, schools, universities and retail parks to ensure that the areas look good and, any unwanted slip hazards are cleaned away.


Does your decking or patio areas need cleaning ready for the warmer months? We also work for alot of larger residental homes to clean up their exterior hard surfaces.

How do we clean paving?


Using our custom built industrial hot water jet wash systems we can clean surfaces highly effectively removing long lasting dirt, contaminants, oil and unsightly growths of algae and lichens. Apart from the obvious improvements to the appearance of commercial premises there is the all important aspect of keeping public areas safe.


Slippery paths and walking zones are a unnecessary hazard that regular cleaning and maintenance can help to prevent, maintaining health and safety standards is simple when you invest in a professional cleaning contractor.


We clean both internal and external paving in places such as:

  • Public pavements
  • Commercial centres
  • Restaurant
  • Schools, collages and universities
  • Carparks
  • Supermarket fronts and shopping precincts
  • Town centres
  • Hospital grounds
  • Residential Homes

We also offer chewing gum removal!


This can be carried out in conjunction with our surface cleaning, chewing gum is unsightly and can make public areas and shop fronts look tacky, neglected and unhygienic.  Click here to read more about our chewing gum removal service.

We are one of very few companies in the UK that offer complete paving cleaning and repointing packages to all types of paving and also brickwork.


Whether simply re sanding and sealing block paving after cleaning or repointing flag stones using a variety of materials some including coloured cement mortar and special resins so if the paved area requires further attention other than cleaning by incurring these services we can gladly assist on restoring the area to like new condition ready for safe use once again.


When carrying out works in public places Brooklands are sure to carry out all necessary risk assessments and method statements and careful planning of all work with the safety of pedestrians in mind.


Work areas are barrier taped and cordoned off accordingly, displaying safety hazard signs helping us to work in a safe manner. We are fully insured and value the health and safety of us and others with the highest regard.

Who we work with.

Who we work with.

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