Did you know that over 850 people sleep rough on the streets of Nottingham every night?  The number of people who are finding themselves sleeping rough for the very first time has ‘almost doubled’ since 2019 amid the coronavirus pandemic.


More shockingly homelessness charity Framework says an average of two new people are appearing in Nottingham every day, with around two out of every three sleeping on the streets for the first time.


Helping the homeless in Nottingham


Luke and Charlotte helping the Guru Nanak’s Mission in Nottingham


MD Luke and Charlotte our Sales & Account Manager were shocked my these figures and volunteered for the night to help serving a much needed hot pasta meal to the homeless on the streets in Nottingham.

“After I took part in the CEO Sleepout on in November 2021 it gave me a real insight into what it was like to sleep rough for the night, its tough. Especially in winter! It is not something these people have chosen and they do it every gnight.  Helping to serve a hot meal on a freezing cold evening was just another way to support the homeless in Nottingham.”  


Guru Nanak’s Mission Nottingham


Guru Nanak’s Mission (reg. 1186663) are registered charity based in Nottingham, they provide free vegetarian meals that are freshly prepared on the same day as serving alongside  hot/ cold drinks and puddings tywice a week.


GNM is 100% volunteer based without people offering their time this wouldnt happen. If you are interested in helping, the charity provide hot meals every Monday and Thursday 7.30pm – 9.00 pm on Albert Street in Nottingham.


Giving Back


This was part of many giving back events that Brooklands are supporting through out the year.


Homelessness is just one of the charities that our comany are getting involved with, we are dedicated as a company to give back to charities.