Brooklands are committed to boosting their green credentials year on year.  Constantly looking at ways to introduce new practices to incorporate more green way of life into our business.Reduce Business Miles


With a mobile team out and about every day around the UK, we know that looking at reducing travel miles is a key area for us to address to ensure we are doing everything we can to make sure our team are travelling efficiently and thus reducing the effect that driving has on the environment.


So with this in mind, in 2021 we incorporated BigChange an all-in-one field service management software into the Brooklands day to day operations to help us improve productivity, efficiency and also a customer satisfaction.


Brooklands relies on its mobile teams to provide exterior cleaning and specialist cleaning services  around the UK.  Incorporating this field service management software into our business has greatly reduced our travel miles which we have summarised into the points below;


1. Efficient scheduling: BigChange has allowed us to optimise the scheduling of our mobile teams. By considering factors such as location, availability, and proximity to customers, the software can create the most efficient routes for technicians, reducing the distance travelled. This ensures that our technicians spend less time on the road and more time serving customers.


2. Real-time updates and information: Brooklands technicians have access to real-time updates and information on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for them to travel back to the office to receive instructions or collect paperwork. They receive job details, customer information, and any changes or updates instantly, allowing them to complete tasks without unnecessary travel.


3. Remote troubleshooting and support: In some cases, technicians may be able to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues remotely, without the need for a physical visit. BigChange enables technicians to communicate with customers through video calls or chat, guiding them through troubleshooting steps. By resolving issues remotely, travel can be avoided altogether, reducing travel miles and costs.


4. Inventory management features: This allows technicians to have real-time visibility into available parts and equipment they require. By ensuring that technicians have the necessary tools and parts with them during their visits, unnecessary trips to the warehouse or office to restock can be avoided.


5. Data analysis and route optimization: BigChange analyses historical data and patterns to identify opportunities for route optimization. Looking at factors such as traffic patterns, customer locations, and technician availability, the software can suggest the most efficient routes for technicians to follow. This not only reduces travel miles but also saves time and fuel costs.


In conclusion, field service management software has significantly reduced the Brooklands team travel miles by optimising scheduling, providing real-time updates and information, enabling remote troubleshooting, improving inventory management, and analysing data for route optimization. By leveraging this technology, companies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable approach to field service operations.


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