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Stone cleaning and restoration

After a length of time stone and masonry become effected by different types of atmospheric pollutants, organic matter and soiling.  If stone is left to dwell with these contaminants present it is more likely to speed up the process of deteriorating the finish of the substrate.


Our highly skilled team can transform the look of stone buildings and facades, this also includes monuments, statues and paving. We provide delicate solutions to restore stone back to a new looking state whilst causing no damage to the delicate substrate.


Our cleaning techniques are always decided with the delicacy of the stone in mind, depending on the type of stone and what is to be removed some of these techniques include:

  • DOFF Steam cleaning using superheated water
  • Controlled use of carefully selected and tested chemicals
  • Use of high level access equipment where necessary
  • Blast cleaning


Unlike cold water jet washing, this method using superheated pressurised steam and chemicals means we are able to kill all types of algae, lichen, carbon soiling, bacteria and unsightly stains completely.


The final stage is to disinfect the surface preventing any contaminants growing back for longer periods of time.


Our stone cleaning complements our brick cleaning service, to find out more visit our brick cleaning service page here.


Based centrally in Nottingham, our stone cleaning service is available Nationwide with teams around the UK.   If you would like advice or a quote for your stone cleaning get in touch with our friendly team on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or  ✉️

Stone cleaning
Stone cleaning
Stone cleaning

DOFF Stone Steam Cleaning

Our specialist DOFF steam cleaning systems deliver superheated water up to 150 degrees centigrad which allows us to lower the amount of water volume and pressure significantly. Click here to read more about our DOFF steam cleaning.


Drastically reducing water consumption as there is minimal water run off. It’s the heat and not the pressure that gently removes the surface dirt, grime and contaminants achieving stunning results without causing damage the stones precious surface.


Some types of stone we clean include:

  • York stone
  • Sand stone
  • Limestone
  • Indian stone
  • Natural stone
  • All types of internal and external stone flooring


If you would like advice or a quote for your stone cleaning get in touch with our friendly team on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or ✉️

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Who we work with.

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