Brick Cleaning Services

Professional brick cleaning services that carefully clean the brick on new builds, renovation projects, commercial and industrial buildings. 

brick Cleaning


Brick Cleaning Services

Brick cleaning will carefully remove debris that makes your bricks appear dull, stained and discolourated rejuvinating your brick exteriors!


We offer a range of brick cleaning services including DOFF steam cleaning, jet washing and acid cleaning.   We have the experience and expertees to use the right cleaning technique for your bricks based on the age, material and debris on the bric.

Whether it is a new build with construction debris that requires removing or renovation of older brickwork we are here for you.  Our brick cleaning will refresh and revitalise your brickwork and stone.


We work with construction companies, new build home builders, residential property owners, businesses and public authorities around the UK.  Whether it is a restoration project, a property refurbishment or a new build that needs the finishing touches adding we can help.  We also offer an after build cleaning service for the interior of you property – read more here >


Our headoffice is centrally based in Nottingham and we have regional teams around the UK enabing us to provide a national brick cleaning service.


For a free quotation or advice on brick cleaning in Nottingham or anywhere in the UK get in touch with our friendly team today on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email ✉️


Brick Cleaning Service

Before and after we DOFF steam clean these bricks to remove discolouration and vegetation debris off the bricks.


Brick Cleaning

This video shows the our team in action removing algae and other debris from this commercial brick building facade. This project was carried out over several weeks, the client was delighted and provided a glowing testimonial at the end of the video. Watch to see for yourself.


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    Brick Cleaning Methods

    The cleaning method we use will depend on the age, condition and debris that requires removing from the brick and stone. The methods we use include;

    • Hot and cold-water pressure washing
    • ACID cleaning / chemical cleaning
    • Doff steam cleaning
    • Blast cleaning

    These methods will transform the look of your property, removing the contamination will give the brickwork a fresh clean look.
    We provide a FREE cleaning quotation from either a site visit or photographs of the building.  Get in touch with us and we will get back to you within 24 hours with your quote.


    Brick Cleaning

    Before and After images showing how discolouration and construction debris have been removed by our brick cleaning services.


    After build brick cleaning

    We specialise in cleaning new build bricks and hold contracts with a some of the country leading house builders and construction companies. Working in partnership with many national housing developers to add the finishing touches to their new build properties.


    During the construction process the exterior bricks and stone lintels and sills can become messy with excess mortar and scaffolding.  Our brick cleaning service carefully remove the debris to leave the build looking pristine.


    In 2023 we cleaned over 2000 new build properties, thats a huge 300,500,000 bricks.   We love cleaning brick so much we have a dedicated Brick Cleaning Website to showcase our expertees – CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR SITE >


    If you are looking for a brick cleaning company to work in partnership with get in touch today on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email


    Brick Cleaning Service

    Before and after showing the results after a brick clean on this new build property to successfully remove all the construction debris such as excess mortar and dust.

    Brick Cleaning Services in action

    Brooklands technician carefully removing construction debris off the new brickwork, scraping off excess morter before carefully steam cleaning the bricks.

    Professional brick cleaning company

    Hiring a exterior cleaning company for your building can be daunting but unquestionably, you are in good hands with Brooklands.


    The most important factor to consider when choosing a brick cleaning company is that they are skilled to use the correct cleaning method is used.  This will ensure that no unecessary damage is caused to the brickwork or mortar joints.


    Our experience extends to both cleaning and building maintenance so we understand the build process.  This allows us to select the appropriate cleaning technique for that surface. This could be DOFF steam cleaning, chemical cleaning or pressure washing.


    Having cleaned bricks and stone for over 8 years, our knowledge and experiences means that we are trusted by many businesses and construction companies across the UK including Persimmon Homes. 


    We are proud to announce that we sponsored the 2022 East midlands Brick Awards, showcasing our commitment to excellence in brick cleaning services.  You can read more about this here.


    At Brooklands we offer a range of exterior cleaning services to add the finishing touched to your property including  window cleaning and gutter cleaning.


    Based in Nottingham, we have regional teams who can provide our services throughout the UK.


    Get in touch with our team today tofind our more abour our brick cleaning service on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email

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