DOFF Steam Cleaning

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DOFF steam cleaning

DOFF Steam Cleaning

Different surfaces provide different problems which is why having a variety of different cleaning methods is essential.  DOFF steam cleaning is a safe and highly effecting cleaning method, providing the perfect cleaning solution for sensitive surfaces.    This cleaning method refers to cleaning the exterior of a buildings, such as removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the exterior surfaces of a building. 


Brooklands are a DOFF approved contractor who are experienced and skilled in all areas associated with using the DOFF cleaning system.  We have restored life into 100’s of buildings and surfaces using this system, carefully removing contaminates and thus prolonging the life of the exterior surfaces.   


The system uses superheated water that reaches up to 150°C but operates at a very low pressure. This makes it ideal for treating delicate exterior surfaces without causing any damage to your building whilst it cleans.  


To find out more about our DOFF steam cleaning services in Nottingham and around the UK and to receive a free quote get in touch with our friendly team on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email ✉️

Steam cleaning Bricks with DOFF 


The video below shows the Brooklands team in action carrying out DOFF steam cleaning on the exterior brick and stone of a period property in Nottingham.  This effective and gentle cleaning process removed all the staining, dirt and debris to reveal the bright, original colour of the brick and stone surface.   We access the higher levels via the scaffolding in place and access equipment.


DOFF Steam Cleaning Services 

DOFF cleaning is predominantly used for steam cleaning bricks and stone removing algae, dirt, mould, staining and other pollutants.   This specialist cleaning system will truly revitalise brick and stone restoring the natural colour and preserve its surface for years to come.


Brooklands use DOFF steam cleaning for the following services.  You can view read more about our exterior cleaning services by clicking here.

    • Steam Cleaning Brickwork – Removing organic staining from brickwork or cleaning building marks off brickwork 
    • Render Cleaning – Gently steam cleaning different types of render 
    • Stone Cleaning – Doff cleaning is perfect for cleaning polished and natural stone such as sandstone
    • Roof Cleaning – Gently steam cleaning roof tiles and pointing 
    • Oil Stain Removal – The Doff system helps to break down the oil particles better than other cleaning systems such as jet washing 
    • Paint Removal – The Doff steam cleaning system is great for paint removal when combined with the use of the right paint softeners 
    • Cladding Cleaning – steam cleaning will gently remove contaminates without damaging the coating on the cladding
    • Graffiti removal  – The superheated water can remove graffiti no matter how long it has been on the surface


How does the DOFF Steam Cleaning work? 

Doff cleaning works by utilising superheated water to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants such as dirt, bacteria grime, mould, algae and building excess.   The effectiveness of DOFF is such that it can treat brick, stone, and certain rendered finishes with high efficiency.
As DOFF uses no chemicals, it offers an extremely environmentally friendly, highly efficient and cost-effective system, using minimal quantities of water and energy. 
The DOFF system is highly water-efficient, using a third of the water of a pressure washer to achieve superior results  and it is the only system approved by English Heritage for restoring older stone finishes and was used for the restoration cleaning of Osborne House in London .
Brooklands offer a range of external cleaning services to clean the exterior of your commerical and industrial building to keep all areas of your building clean including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and brick cleaning.  You can view all our exterior cleaning services by clicking here.
For a free DOFF steam cleaning quote to restore your building or to find out more get in touch with our friendly team today on 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email ✉️

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