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Render Cleaning


Render Cleaning 

Render cleaning is an effective way to keep render in good condition and looking in an as new condition.  Likewise, to cleaning your windows, gutters and paving each year, by the same token render is no different.

The best approach is to clean render regularly so that permanent staining doesn’t occur.  Gently removing build up every year will keep the surface free from organic matter.   As a result, this maximises the life expectancy and condition of their render, so it removes costly repairs.


We work with commercial and industrial property owners, larger residential homeowners and public authorities around the UK providing a quality professional render cleaning services.


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This video shows our render cleaning in action by our fully qualified team. Here we are removing the debris off the render on a apartment block in Nottingham. The dirt is carefully cleaned away from the render, the windows and window sills are also cleaned to ensure the whole building exterior looks clean and fresh.


What can be removed?

Moss, algae and pollutants all mark the surface of the render and because of this leave the render and building looking tired and uncared for.  We can remove all of the following from your render;

  • Rust staining
  • Organic matter such as algae
  • Pollutants including carbon
  • Bird foul and other staining

Cleaning methods used

      • Render softwashing
      • Application of biocides
      • DOFF steam cleaning

We select the most suitable method to clean you render and achieve the best results and that will ensure no damage is caused to the delicate surface of the render.

Treating stubborn render staining

In some cases stubborn render stains may remain after an initial clean.  For example where stains have been left untreated on the render for many years.  These areas often require another clean with superheated water know as DOFF steam cleaning to clean the render.


Steam cleaning at a controlled LOW pressure to gently aid the cleaning process ensuring that all heavy staining and growth residue has been carefully removed.


This will kill any remaining bacteria, leaving the surface disinfected and completely restored.  Furthermore this action prevents any re growth of contaminants and as a result, provide a longer lasting clean finish.


Our highly skilled team can clean and restore all types of render from a build up from dirt and all unsightly stains and growths some including:

  • K-rend or K render cleaning
  • Acrylic render cleaning
  • Monocouche render cleaning
  • Painted and pebbledash render cleaning
Render Cleaning
Render Cleaning
Render cleaning

Professional render cleaning company


Facilities managers and property owners may think that re painting render is the only option which is in fact not true.  By all means, re painting will make the render look good but a professional render cleaning service will also achieve this result without the cost outlay.


Regardless of whether you decide to paint or clean the render, the organic matter first has to be sanitised.   This cruitial step means that the organic matter on the render is treated and in hand, prevents it returning as quickly.


Our team are highly skilled and deliver high standards of quality workmanship cleaning and restoring render back to its original condition.  Back to an as new condition! Put your trust into a professional cleaning company and let the finishing results speak for themselves.


We clean all building types and offer a FREE purified water reach and wash window clean leaving a remarkable sparkling finish to the building.

Keeping your render clean and healthy


When render is not cleaned every year,  as a result organic matter will become worse and therefore tougher to clean off.


It is often areas towards the top of the building, around the underneath of windows and vents will appear darker with black algae.  This is due to water running off the top of the building and dripping down from sills.  This creates a perfect damp breading ground for biological growths such as algae.


Algae is most commonly seen in either black, green and sometimes red.  Black algae is most commonly found thicker on elevations more prone to the elements such as wind driven rain and also where there are trees near by.

At Brooklands we offer a range of exterior cleaning services to clean the exterior of your building and maintain its structural stability including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and brick cleaning.


Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our render cleaning services in Nottingham and around the UK and get a free quote 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email 📨

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