Emergency oil spill cleaning for Car Garage : Jaguar Landrover  

Emergency oil spill cleaning for car garage

January 2023


We received an emergency call out to attend a oil spill at a Land Rover and Jaguar car showroom in Christchurch.


A large amount of oil had leaked from a tanker on the forecourt and workshop area and our client was concerned due to the hazardous nature of the spillage which was a health and safety concern for the staff and visitors onsite as well as not looking aesthetically pleasing.

Emergency oil spill cleaning for Car Garage

Before Cleaning

Emergency oil spill cleaning for Car Garage

During Cleaning

Emergency oil spill cleaning for Car Garage

After Cleaning

The Oil Spill Clean Up

Our client asked us to attend site as soon as possible to clean the spillage and make the site safe again.


Brooklands were onsite in less than 24 hours to resolve the issues and carry out a de-grease and steam clean of the areas.


The clean up took a team of two four hours. In this instance we did not need to remove the waste, but Brooklands are able to take waste away safely when required.

Location: Christchurch, UK

Response Time: Under 24hrs

Client: Jaguar Land Rover

Services:  De-grease and steam clean exterior areas following an oil substance spillage

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