Kitchen Extract and Ductwork Cleaning

 Kitchen extract cleaning, duct cleaning and ventilation cleaning for commercial kitchens

Kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning service


Kitchen extract and Ductwork Cleaning

Having your kitchen extract cleaning is a cruitial part of having your commercial kitchen cleaned.  Hidden away, the interior surfaces of the ductwork, ventilation pipes and extract systems get deposited with grease and are as important to keep clean.


It is a legal requirment of TR-19 standards to comply with this cleaning to enable you kitchen and business to remain open.


Our cleaning commercial kitchens service include includes the kitchen extract cleaning, ductwork cleaning, ventilation cleaning and canape cleaning to remove the greece from the ventilation system additional to the cleaning of the exterior surfaces and appliances.


Once cleaning is complete we provide TR-19 post clean report and certification to show your kitchen meets TR-19 standards.


Our kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning service can be carried out outside of business hours to suit the needs of your business.


If you would like to find out more about our commercial kitchen extract cleaning service in Nottingham, East Midlands or UK get in touch with our friendly team and receive your free quote 📞 0800 292 23 25 or email  📩

Kitchen Extract cleaning
Kitchen Extract cleaning
Kitchen Extract cleaning

Did you know kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning is required by law?


Cooking in commercial kitchens will obviously over time generate a build up of grease deposits.


If the system is not cleaned correctly it will not operate efficiently.  Eventually this causes strain on the fan, reduces airflow which results in a build up of thermal energy and finally increase the risk of a serious fire happening.


As a result if a fire was to start from within your kitchen such as the ducting, you must be able to show your certificate.


Failing to provide a TR19 to certify undoubtably you will be liable for any persons involved in the fire that have been harmed.


The result will be serious with prosecution, loss of business, large fines, and even imprisonment can occur.


It is important to realise the effect of not having you kitchen ductwork and extracts checked every year can have on your business. But, also how easy it is to keep your kitchens safe by using a professional company like Brooklands.


We offer a range of specialist cleaning services to compliment this service including commercial kitchen deep cleaining, graffiti removal, and guano removal.


If you would like a free quote or some advice get in touch with our friendly team on 📞 0800 292 2325 or email  📩

Kitchen Extract cleaning
ductwork Cleaning
Ductwork Cleaning

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