Render Cleaning for School Case Study

CLIENT: Academy Group Nottingham

SERVICES PROVIDED: Render Cleaning and Render Painting

LOCATION: Nottingham



Render Cleaning for School

Before & After Render Cleaning and Render Painting



SCOPE OF WORKS: Render cleaning the whole of the exterior of this double storey academy building and painting of the render after cleaning. 

SITE ISSUES: High level areas to reach and specific timeline to complete work

DATE: October 2020 

OUR SOLUTION: Brooklands were asked to give the external render on this primary academy a refresh as it had become dull and looked dirty. 


The first task was to clean the render to remove the organic matter and algae growing on it. Removing this matter not only protects the render from longterm damage that would require repair but also prepares the surface for painting. If this cleaning stage was missed, the paint would not bond to the render efficiently and the fresh look would not last as long.


We use a softwash system to gently remove the algae without damaging the render. Next we applied a fresh coat of paint to the render to brign the render back to its original look.  We completed the refresh with an external window clean, removing dirt, bird fowl and any paint.


Powered access machines were used to access the high level areas, our team are IPAF qualified operators so this was completed safely following health & safety guidlines. Completing the work during half term allowed us to work quickly and efficiently and provide a refreshed building on their return.


The results were fantastic! The staff and pupils commented how much better the building looks when they arrive at the school.


This render clean and exterior paint are just two of the services we provide the academy. We carry out scheduled gutter cleaning and window cleaning throughout the year to maintain their exteriors.



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