Tennis Court Cleaning

Are you looking for a professional tennis court cleaning company?

At Brooklands we are specialists at cleaning tennis courts and sports courts offering a prompt and reliable service to all clients we can gladly assist you with one off or scheduled cleaning providing on going maintenance, restoring appearance and the safety of your grounds.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Hard tennis court maintenance – Before the winter months it is especially important that a thorough clean has been conducted cleaning the court substrate from dirt and any growth present including moss and algae, this ensures correct water drainage of the surface.


As a result of not having a clean surface when a freeze occurs water does not drain sufficiently and ice expands inside the grain of the substrate and breaks out chippings causing deterioration and long term damage to your tennis courts once this has occurred there may be no other option but to have costly resurfacing and unsightly repairs.


You should have a regular maintenance plan for keeping your court in prime condition, tennis courts can become very slippery and dangerous to prevent any health and safety issues such as slip hazards its important to keep a clean well maintained court for your customers to enjoy their playing sport safety.


The location and surrounding environment will affect the level and regularity of the maintenance needed at Brooklands we recommend having it professional cleaned once a year and we can also offer subsequent treatment using moss and algae killing solution if required by the client this will also help prevent regrowth of any unwanted life protruding for longer lengths of time.

We can clean all types of hard court surface types some including:

  • Macadam
  • Acrylic
  • Asphalt and tarmac

We can also offer a re sealing coating for tarmac using our two step system to clean and restore back to original colour. Tennis court cleaning pressure washing services.

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