Bradford Council Street Cleaning Project 2021

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Brooklands Clean the streets of Bradford Town 


Bradford Council asked Brooklands Service Group to carry out deep cleaning services to clean the high streets in Bradford.


Cleaning included the public paved areas and shop fronts to remove dirt and chewing gum and uncover the original colour of the paving.


We carefully planned our work to help keep disruption to a minimum.  Cleaning the streets in section an evenings when shops were shut and there were few pedestrians on the streets.

Bradford Council Street Cleaning Before

Before Street Cleaning

Bradford Council Street Cleaning After

After Street Cleaning

The cleaning


Our team worked on this project for a month.  The cleaning included steam cleaning the paving and removing chewing gum.
The streets and shop fronts look totaly revitalised, ready to welcome the public back with a clean and safe environment after the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Council were delighted with the results and received so many positive comments from local businesses and the public visiting the towns.

Street Cleaning Service

Location: Bradford, Yorkshire

Contract date: 2021
Client:  Bradford Council 
Services:  Steam Cleaning of paved areas and chewing gum removal.

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