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Secondary school maintains its buildings with Brooklands’ specialist cleaning services

Nottingham Girls’ Academy is an outstanding secondary school in Nottingham with approximately 900 students onsite.

The Academy underwent a full £11 million redevelopment of all its buildings and external recreation areas which they completed in 2013.  The new buildings hold masses of windows offering students a light and productive learning environment.  Modern bright rendered exterior walls and a large paved central courtyard forms a social heart to the campus.

Their main requirements were that the render and windows are clean and maintained, the gutters are clear and clean and the kitchens are both clean and safe to TR 19 standards.

We have been working with Nottingham Girls’ Academy which is part of the Greenwood Acadamies Trust for 3 years.

The Academy knows how important it is that these specialist deep cleaning tasks are carried out each year to protect the investment made into the new site.

Deep cleaning academy

Deep cleaning out of term time

At the start of each year we create a service plan and schedule all cleaning activities throughout the year at times to suit the academy.  We schedule work to be carried out at weekends and during school holidays so there is no disruption to pupils and staff.

Our services at the academy include;

Our trained technicians visit the site at planned times throughout the year to complete these task.  We provide a report once the jobs are complete which the academy use as part of their heath and safety record and audits.

These tasks go above and beyond the daily cleaning and require specialist access equipment and product that Brooklands are trained and experienced in using.

Location: Nottingham
Contract start date: 2021, ongoing
Client: Nottingham Girls’ Academy
Services:  Render Cleaning, Internal & External Window Cleaning, Kitchen deep cleaning & Ductwork cleaning to TR19 standards.

You can watch our technicians cleaning the windows at the Nottingham Girls’ Academy in the video below –

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