Brooklands Make Crime Scene Clean & Safe after Attempted Murder at Nottingham Trent University.  

February 2022

Brooklands were called to Nottingham Trent university campus after a man had been stabbed on site. Workign closely with the police, after their investigations  the area needed cleaning to make it safe again.

“A crime scene is a scary and upsetting place, espcially at a University site where there are lots of people.  Our job is to act quickly and with compassion to get the site safe and clean as quickly as possible.”

Luke Harvey, Brooklands MD

The Incident


Detectives were called to the Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus, off Clifton Lane, at 10.41am on Monday (January 31). Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that a male victim has been taken to hospital for treatment.


A man has since been charged after the stabbing which local papers have reported.

This incident was very traumatic for those who were involved. It is imperative that the Brooklands team acted quickly and with care to restore the area to a safe environment.

Cleaning Undertaken

Brooklands provided efficient extreme cleaning services to tack this extreme scene.  It required our experience and expert knowledge along side the correct full PPE and sanitising cleaning products.
The risk to health for all concerned was very serious with blood and other bodily fluids present there was a risk of being exposed to TB, Scabies and Hepatitis is extremely high.

We worked through the night to get the area clean. You can read more about all the extreme cleaning services we offer here.

Nottingham Trent University: Nottingham Trent University 

Location: Nottingham


Client Requirements: Crime Scene Clean Up

Date: February 2022