Brooklands provide rapid response oil spill cleanup at high-speed railway  

November  2022


A massive generator had leaked at the HS2 train station in Birmingham, causing oil to cover a large exterior area. We received an emergency call to attend the site and make the area safe as quickly as possible we were onsite within a few hours.

Oil Spill Cleaning
Emergency Chemical cleaning

The Clean Up


Our first task was to carry out a risk assessment and get the spillage contained and area cordoned off.


We then cleaned the spillage and removed the waste from the site.  As we were cleaning around wires, we had to be extra careful.


Within 4 hours the area was safe and clean and the waste removed from site.

Location: Birmingham, UK

Response Time: 3 hours

Client: HS2

Services:  Contain, clean, and remove oil spillage following a generator leak at HS2 train station

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