Roof Cleaning

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We have experience in cleaning a variety of roofing materials and overcoming difficult access complications to make it possible to bring a new lease of life into your building.

Roof Cleaning

A discoloured and neglected roof can devalue a building and vastly spoil overall appearance.

Some beneficial reasons for having roof cleaning works carried out would be that it keeps the roofing material in better condition and also helps to prevent the build up of dirt and moss in gutters which can lead to water penetration within the building.

Roof cleaning also makes buildings aesthetically more appealing by enhancing the curb appeal.

Post cleaning annual applications of biocide will help prevent the build up of moss and any organic growths, depending on the roofing material and its surroundings it can be beneficial to have this service carried out.

Brooklands use special cleaning tools and jetting attachments to help avoid making a mess when cleaning roofs, some of the cleaning techniques most commonly used are as follows:


  • High and low pressure steam cleaning
  • Cleaning with a specialist rotary attachment to give a consistent finish
  • Soft washing using chemicals to sanitise any algae, moss or biological growth present on the roof
  • Jet washing
  • Applications of biocide to help prevent the return of organic matter for prolonged periods of time

Health and safety is an important factor of roof cleaning as it can be very dangerous if incorrect access methods are used. At Brooklands we value the health and safety with the highest regard.

Our technicians hold Powered Access Licenses cards under IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) for use of mobile elevated work platforms enabling us to correctly access those hard to reach areas of roofs on all types of property.


We have successfully completed roof cleaning jobs on mcdonald’s restaurants and a number of other commercial and large residential buildings.

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