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Professional Roof Cleaning Services for Industrial and Commercial Properties

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Roof Cleaning Service

Our professional roof cleaning services will completely transform the look of your commerical or industrial roof and maintain the health of your roof. We are experienced at cleaning roofs on industrial units and commercial properties throughout Nottingham, the East Midlands and UK.


Due to the highly dangerous nature of roof cleaning, we do not use ladders to carry out a roof clean or any high-level work. A clean roof is not worth risking our technician’shealth.


We only clean safely using mobile access equipment or scaffolding and follow all the government guidelines for working on a roof.  If scaffolding is already in place we can utilise this at the same time so it is good to think about planning a roof cleaning service around other work.

Brooklands use special cleaning tools and jets to avoid making a mess, some of the cleaning techniques most commonly used are as follows:


  • High and low pressure steam cleaning
  • Cleaning with a specialist rotary attachment to give a consistent finish
  • Soft washing using chemicals to sanitise any algae, moss or biological growth present on the roof
  • Jet washing


We are able to provide a FREE roof cleaning quote from pictures of the area that needs cleaning or a site visit.


For further information and a free quote for our roof cleaning service for your property get in touch with our friendly team today  📨 or call 📞 0800 292 23 25.


Our roof cleaning service complements our  exterior cleaning and specialist cleaning services.  Click here to see all other services.

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The video below shows our roof cleaning service in action cleaning the roof of this commercial unit in Nottingham.   Using access equipment we safely reach the high level areas and see what debris needs removing from the roof.

Professional Roof Cleaning Company

There are many beneficial reasons for instrucing a professional company to carry out a roof cleaning service on your commercial or industrial roof. Firstly, a roof clean will protect the roof itself and the material it is made from. Having your roof cleaned will certainly remove the debris such as moss, organic matter, leaves etc. which in turn which will keep it in a good condition and make it last longer.


Secondly, removing the debris off your roof with therefore stop dirt and moss building up in your gutters that sit underneath.  Importantly this will prevent further maintenance issues and consequently maintenance costs.


Finally, along side maintenance reasons for cleaning your roof this service will also make your roof look like new without the cost of replacing!  Indeed, it will truly enhance the look of your property and the first imporession you customers and the public have.

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Roof Cleaning Service
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Improve your roof life!

We want your roof to stay clean for a long time, in order to do this we apply biocide to the surface following cleaning of the roof.  Of course, this won’t prevent the moss and build up coming back forever but it will ensure your roof clean lasts for up to 5 years! Applying biocide is an important stage in a roof clean that many suppliers neglect.


Our technicians hold Powered Access Licenses cards under IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) for use of mobile elevated work platforms. This enables us to correctly access those hard to reach areas of roofs on all types of property.


In addition, we have a range of commercial customers who we have successfully completed roof cleaning jobs for.  These include McDonalds restaurant, service stations, Police Stations and many more.


Offering over 40 cleaning services, we can bundle which allows us to provide a complete exterior cleaning service. For example we often bundle together   gutter cleaning, window cleaning and roof cleaning so that all areas are cleaned whilst the access equipment is in place and the whole building exterior is cleaned at the same time for great result.   For this reason it has made us a go to exterior and specialist cleaning companies in the East Midlands and UK.


Whatever service we carry out, we will certainly leave your property looking immaculate and transformed!


If you are looking for industrial or roof cleaning service in Nottingham or throughout the UK, get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more and get you free quotation 📨 or call 📞 0800 292 23 25.

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