Brick cleaning project of 335 High Quality apartments for Winvick in Sheffield

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Brooklands stick to tight deadlines to get Winvic on track to complete new build-to-rent apartments by the end of Summer 2023


Our client, Winvic were appointed as the contactor to develop a new complex consisting of 335 apartments spread over 5, 6, 12 and 14 storey buildings.  Construction on the 40 Million pound project on Sylvestor Street in Sheffield started in June 2021.


Winvic were under pressure to stick to tight deadlines to keep the project within budget. With masses of scaffolding around the building and labour onsite, everyday it ran over additional unwanted costs were added to the project.



The 99 week development program was hoping to be completed by June 2023.  In June 2023 Winvic asked Brooklands to take on the exterior brick cleaning of the development after the original supplier didn’t perform to their standards.


During the construction process the exterior bricks and surfaces became messy with dust, dirt, smears and excess mortar from when the bricks were laid.  The skilled brickwork looked unsightly and the project visually not up to standard.


Our job was to carefully clean the bricks using jet and steam cleaning techniques, removing the debris without causing any damage to the bricks and mortar.


We were able to mobilise the contract quickly to meet their requests.  Within 1 week our technicians were onsite brick cleaning removing the construction debris off the new bricks.


Brooklands were delighted to be part of the project getting the exteriors ready for handover later that summer.

The clean


The complex is spread over 5, 6, 12 and 14 storey buildings. We were able to utilise the scaffolding that was already erected around the building allowing us to mobilise the contract within a week of the call to Brooklands.


To complete the project we had 2-4 operatives onsite for 3 months cleaning the new bricks.


Winvic were very happy with the results from our exterior cleaning and we look forward to working together again in the future.


Location: Sylvestor Street, Sheffield
Contract start date: June 2023

Contract length: 3 months

Client: Winvic Construction 
Services:  Brick Cleaning

Brick Cleaning post construction

Image showing the scale of the development

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