Exterior Cleaning of Retail Units

CLIENT: St. Marks shopping center
LOCATION: Lincolnshire UK
CLASSIFICATION: Retail premises
SERVICES: Exterior Cladding Cleaning 


Cladding Cleaning ServiceSCOPE OF WORKS:

Exterior cleaning of the cladding throughout the retail park from dirt, airborne pollutants and organic matter




High footfall area and busy shopping center.  We overcame this issue and carried out the cleaning works throughout the night to avoid any disturbance to the building occupant’s business and for the safety and convenience of the general public




Brooklands worked from mobile elevated access machinery throughout the night to clean the buildings to St. Marks retail park in Lincolnshire using a combination of high-pressure steam cleaning equipment and wash brushes.


All areas of present algae were first treated with an oxidizing agent followed by and a high-pressure rinse with a fan jet of water at 90 degree Celsius.  The exterior cleaning was carried out to remove any algae, dirt and other pollutants and leave the exterior of the building looking clean and professional for their customers.


The delivery team consisted of a team of two technicians, one on the ground and one working at height both utilizing a walkie talkie system for means of communication.


DURATION: 3 nights


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