Exterior Cleaning Services

Brooklands Service Group offer a selection of professional exterior cleaning services to ensure the exterior of your premises is clean and well maintained. Our exterior cleaning solutions are professional, reliable and will deliver the best resuts that will make you go wow at your transformed exteriors!


If its outside we can clean it!


From an initial survey to carrying out test samples and carefully planning access to difficult areas that need to be reached you can rely on our expertise to implement the most gentle cleaning techniques possible each and every time whilst keeping the longevity of the building in mind.


Based in Nottingham, we offer our services to both commercial premises and residential homes through out the East Midlands and the UK.  Our clients range from residential blocks, to schools & universities, public areas, hotels, offices and housing developments to name a few.


Have a look through the exterior cleaning services we can offer you below.


Did you know we also offer a range of deep cleaning and ground & building maintenance services?