Fire Damper Testing

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Fire Dampers

It is A LEGAL REQUIREMENT and vital that fire dampers are annually inspected and drop tested as they play an important part of any ventilation system, fire dampers are in place to protect the building from the rapid spread of smoke and fire trough any ducting systems, once a certain temperature has been reached a safety mechanism breaks and the shutter will drop to create a blockage in the ducting resulting in the fire not being able to pass and spread throughout the building.


It is essential that any building in the UK with ducting containing fire dampers have a pro active maintenance programme in place to ensure correct operation, if fire dampers have been neglected and are un functional it will be evident in a post fire inspection resulting in insurance companies not paying out and building owners, managers and employers being prosecuted and in some cases even sent to prison for not doing their duty to provide a safe place to live and work for all visitors to the building.


Throughout the time we have been trading up on testing and inspecting fire dampers our technicians have seen that many duct and air ventilation instillation companies have incorrectly installed fire dampers.

The most common issues we come across are:

  • Installed upside down
  • Collapsed blades
  • Inoperative cassetes
  • Parted fusible links
  • Fitted with the wrong airflow direction
  • Corroded and jammed blades


We have the knowledge and experience to correct faulty issues such as the above and can also cut access panels for ease of future maintenance if the instillation company had not done so previously, we are members of NAAD UK and all technicians have a keen eye for detail ensuring that each task is completed with the upmost pride and quality. If you require fire damper testing you should ensure that the company you appoint to carry out the works have CITB TRAINED technicians and also that they are a member of NAAD UK.

If you manage a busy building do not worry we can arrange specified dates and times with our clients to ensure there is minimum disruption caused to the building throughout any maintenance works, for a free estimate contact our offices today on 0800 292 23 25

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