Deep Cleaning Services

Brooklands offer a selection of specialist deep cleaning services going above and beyond your daily cleaning tasks to ensure areas of your premises are clean, well maintained and comply with legal standards. Our deep cleaning solutions are professional, reliable and will deliver the best resuts that will make you go wow at your transformed interiors!


If its dirty we can clean it!


From an initial survey to carrying out test samples and carefully planning access to difficult areas that need to be reached you can rely on our expertise to implement the most gentle cleaning techniques possible each and every time whilst keeping the longevity of your fixtures and fittings in mind.


Have a look through the deep cleaning service we can offer you below.

Deep clean services go a step further than your daily cleaning and require specialist training to deal with dangerous substances, PPE to protect our technitians and experience to be able to act quickly and safetly.


Brooklands are a specialist provider of deep cleaning services throught the East Midlands and UK responding to emergencies and planning controlled cleaning when right for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality call and photographic report following completion of each job
  • Somebody available to answer your calls and provide support when you need it
  • Keeping you informed with daily updates
  • Skilled technicians that have been trained to use professional equipment safely
  • Passion for completing jobs to the highest standards

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