Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Commercial kitchen and restaurant deep cleaning services to TR19 standards

Kitchen Deep Cleaning


Commmercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

No matter how stringent you are with your daily, weekly, and monthly kitchen cleaning tasks, oil, dirt, and debris still build up in your commercial kitchen surfaces and equipment that requires a professional commercial kitchen deep cleaning.


We work with schools, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial, public and government settings to ensure their catering environments such as kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas are clean, safe an adhere to government hygiene standards.


Our kitchen and restaurant deep cleaning services are tailored to our client’s requirement and can include.

  • Deep cleaning of floors
  • Kitchen extract cleaning – fan, filter, canape hood, duct cleaning, external cleaning of ductwork
  • Oven deep cleaning
  • Hood cleaning
  • Cleaning interior and exterior cupboards
  • Full kitchen equipment deep cleaning (including behind appliances)
  • Pulling out movable appliances to clean behind.
  • High-level cleaning including light fittings, pipes and ledges
  • Internal glass and sills
  • Walls and tiles

You can read more about our kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning here.


How frequently you commercial kitchen or restaurant is deep cleaned is down to the footfall and usage of the area, our experience team can advise you and schedule your kitchen deep cleans to suit your needs.


As well and helping you comply with Food Hygiene & Kitchen Safety regulations a kitchen clean by Brooklands will also reduce risk of slips and falls from slippery floors, increase the efficiency and extended equipment life and provide a huge reduction in the risk of a fire occurring.


Our kitchen cleaning service can be carried out outside of business hours to suit the needs of your business.


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    Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

    The video below shows our technicians in action showing you a fantastic before and after result following a full deep clean of this commercial kitchen. All the surfaces and equipment were cleaned and the kitchen was cleaned to TR19 standards leaving is safe, hygienic and compliant.


    Watch our cleaning in action.


    Commercial kitchen deep cleaning to TR19 standards

    Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines that can have a negative effect on profitability, as well as the reputation of your premises.


    In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination, spread of diseases, pest infestations and reduced equipment life.


    It is every employer’s duty to provide a safe working environment for staff and being compliant with the above will ensure that chefs and staff members are able to and will want to work to their maximum potential in a safe and well presentable manner.


    Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning


    We offer a range of specialist cleaning services that complement our commercial kitchen deep cleaning service such as kitchen extract cleaning, and bird dropping / guano removal.


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