Paving Cleaning at Nottingham Trent University Transforms Block Paved Areas for Students

Nottingham Trent University

Exterior refresh before Nottingham Trent University open day and graduation


The local University has recently invested a massive £90 million into the regeneration of two Grade II* listed buildings at the heart of the City Campus.  This included Benefactors Court, an area that provides a central hub for students to relax and socialise with an exterior stone courtyard.


The paving area to Benefactors Court had been an on-going issue for Nottingham Trent University.


No matter how many times their in-house teams attempted to clean these paved areas, algae and jet washing lines kept reappearing shortly after from where they have tried to clean it before.


Results from Paving Cleaning at Nottingham Trent University

Benefactors Court refreshed after Brooklands steam cleaned the area


Unfortunately, jet washing isn’t the best solution for natural stone paving and the university turned to Brooklands to provide solution to this problem following years of specialist cleaning support.


With upcoming open days and graduations on the horizon Brooklands attended to restore the paved area to an as new condition removing all black spores and algae that was not only growing on the surface but also within the substrate.


Paving Cleaning to remove algae at Nottingham Trent University

Steam cleaning the stone


The stone was carefully treated to sanitise all biological growths prior to cleaning using a chemical at a controlled strength to avoid any damages or discolouration occurring to the surface following cleaning with high pressure steam and then an application of another product following the clean to kill any remaining spores and to keep the surface cleaner for longer.


Building visitors, students and the universities staff were all amazed by the results and all commented they have never seen it look so good!

The clean


The clean took place during the October holiday when the area was closed to students and visitors.


The project was completed by our team over a weekend to cause minimal disruption to the university.


Our services included –

  • Removal of debris on the paved areas
  • Sanitise all biological growths prior to cleaning
  • High pressure steam cleaning
  • Application of biocide to prevent vegetation returning


Our trained technicians provide a full report once the jobs are complete to use as part of our clients health and safety record and audits. We can also tailor our cleaning services to meet your exact requirements.


Would you like to find out more about our exterior cleaning or paving cleaning services? To find out more or for a free quote get in touch with our team today 📩  or 📞 0800 292 23 25.

Location: Nottingham
Contract start date: October 2023
Client: Nottingham Trent University
Services:  Exterior steam cleaning and sanitising of stone paving

Steam Cleaning of Paving Stones