Waste Removal


Brooklands provide a fast, efficient and environmentally friendy waste removal and rubbish collection service.  Whether you have domestic waste or commercial waste, our waste removal service, takes the hard work out of your rubbish removal.


Our service is quick and efficient, not to interfere with you or anything else that you’ve got going on at the time.  It is also environmentally friendly, avoiding landfill sites and seeking out environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of the waste we collect.


What waste do we remove?

Perhaps you are having an office clearance and need your papers safely disposing of, or you are clearing a property and have bulky waste you cant get rid of yourself.


Waste comes in many dfferent forms. From large or small rubbish, harmess or hazardous waste we can remove it for you.


Sometimes waste is illegally left on your property or land, this known as fly-tipped waste.  This is irritating and can be hazardous as people have dumped it to avoid paying the correct disposal cost. It is your responsibility to remove this waste, Brooklands can help you remove this waste quickly and ensure that all traces of hazardous substances are removed so the areas is safe.


Read more here on the government guildlines for fly-tipped waste removal.

What if my waste is dangerous?


Sometimes waste  that needs removing is harmless, a matress or household goods look unsightly.  But in some cases your waste may contain hazardous material such as liquids.


Our licensed waste removal extends to hazardous waste clean-up which needs to be removed quickly and safely to prevent any danger to you, your employees and the public.


Click here to read more about our responsive clean up of hazardous materials.

Why Choose Brooklands to get rid of your waste?

We offer a fast and efficient same day booking service so that your waste is quickly removed. Our friendly and reliable team will safely clear and dispose of the waste at a time that works for you – we will fit around you to get the job done!

Brooklands are committed to divert from landfills, doing our bit to help the environment.

How does it work?


  1. Tell us what you want clearing by phone or email.
  2. We agree a time and date that works for you.
  3. On the day you receive confirmation of our arrival.
  4. Our team arrives to take your waste away.
  5. Wave goodbye to your unwanted waste!

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