Chemical Cleaning

Are you looking for chemical cleaning services?

Brooklands have lots of experience in using chemicals to restore buildings and surfaces back to original condition and natural building material colours.

Chemical Cleaning

Do you require professional chemical cleaning services in the uk?

Chemical cleaning is widely used within the building restoration and conservation industry for the cleaning of masonry structures and is mainly favoured for projects where abrasive cleaning may not be best suited or where the substrate is more delicate and requires a more gentle approach to cleaning.

This method of cleaning is most commonly used for the removal of carbon staining or carbon deposits and also for removing paint from all types of masonry and metal surfaces, we can achieve fantastic results with the addition of specialist steam cleaning equipment which aids the chemical on doing its job more efficiently.

If you are unsure whether you require abrasive cleaning or chemical cleaning for your external building refurbishment project we offer a free site survey and are happy to advise on the correct methods that are required for your buildings specific needs.

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